I like boats, especially this one.

I’ve been away from my dear boat for far too long. She has patiently waited in her cradle, alone in the garage. Too many distractions of late have stopped any progress of note. Setting up a new business has dominated my time. However, we did sneak down to the nearby “members only” lake for a “swim”. We trespassed, and despite the protest of a policing neighbor “member”, we quickly took a dip. It was ever so brief, but I now have a report. The kayak’s motion was steady, graceful, straight and effortless. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised how well the strong turn of her bilges provided good secondary stability when heeled.

There is still much finish and accessory work yet to be done (seat, back rest, deck lines, toggles, and much varnishing), but … wow … what a lovely craft she is and deserves a proper name. Suggestions are welcome. I simply couldn’t resist a taste of future paddles today. Had it not been for the lake patrol, I might have stayed out there for hours, just me and my boat. What a delight.

And here are two rough videos with some herky-jerky camera action. We will do better on the true maiden trip.

and more …

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