A Thankful Sail

For the two days before Thanksgiving, my daughter and I took what may be the last overnight in Luna as the season is closing. We had intended to start Monday, but weather (freezing temps) and schedules weren’t encouraging.

To make the “log” short, we left the slip under sail on a gentle WSW breeze, slipped down River, crossed Mobjack, and nosed into Browns Bay. Our dinghy Gigi was in tow.

crossing Mobjack

Lunch was a good ale and turkey wraps prepped by “Matey”.

galley work

The late Fall sun was low and brilliant, coloring the marsh grasses and evergreen pines. Once in Browns Bay, distracted by the view, we nudged Luna onto a mud bank as the ebb tide was 30 minutes from low. Two sailors on the bow and a winding outboard weren’t sufficient to push the long keel towards deeper water. Pulling out the 16# claw, I rowed out 75 yards to set the anchor.

off to kedge an anchor *
laying the rode *
return trip *

Back at the boat, a firm tug on the rode set us free. Shortening the line, we decided to anchor for the evening. We had a good evening listening to music and watching the sun set.



I thought leaving the mizzen would allow Luna to follow Gigi, but the wind dropped to nothing and the dinghy began kissing the bigger boat. Therefore, we arrested the dink against the starboard side where it stayed quietly for the night.
dinghy, be still.
The evening was fine. Dinner with the new galley cabinets worked well. Sleep came around 8:00, way too early, but he freezing temps drive one to the warmth of the sleeping bags.
rising moon
jet trails
silhouette *
a hat in the making *
The next morning after some hot oatmeal and coffee, we motor back across the still bay to check out Pepper Creek. Loons, scoters and coot make their appearance as we slide along.
outside Pepper Creek
Once in the creek we are greeted by a setter on a pier. Somewhat confused by our encouraging voices, he barks out warning while wagging his tail. As we turn around in front of him we stick bottom. Should have listened to Rover. This time the dinghy pulls Luna off by the tail.
Pepper Creek entrance
guard dog *
no wind *

The breeze freshens once we leave the creek. We raise all sails and pass a boat “drudging” for oysters as we begin the beat up into the East River home.

“drudging” and cat napping
Here’s a short take on the smooth reach home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

* photos by A Girl Named Leney.

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