The F-1 Kayak Explained

Brian Schulz has given an in debt run down of his excellent all around kayak. I confess I have neither surfed nor rolled this boat. Perhaps this summer? However, it remains my favorite boat for getting to the water quickly and travelling with efficiency. Paired with a Greenland paddle, this light little ship is a joy to play in. I highly recommended it from this end.

Passing his video along:

5 thoughts on “The F-1 Kayak Explained

  1. Dan

    Eddie, saw you on the Cape Falcon student build page. I am in Chesterfield and looking to build one of Brian’s skin on frame canoes. Looking to source the wood for the gunwales and stringers, any suggestions on where to source the lumber in and around RVA? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Dan,
      1st: they are awesome boats. I haven’t intentionally rolled a kayak nor surfed one though I’d like to learn, but the boat is the easiest to the water boat without sacrificing needed performance. You’ll love it. We have it hanging in a farmhouse with lights inside when not in use.
      As for cedar, I was able to get a few good boards from Seiwars and/or R.C. Goodwyn in Powhatan. Got to really pick through the stock, but they can be had. Yukon Lumber in Norfolk may be a source. What are you using for ribs? Stay in touch. Would like to see your build. If mine weren’t out of town, I’d let you see my “mistakes”. Good luck-

      1. Dan

        Thanks Eddie. Appreciate the great tips. Looking for the 16′ clear pieces to make the gunwales seems challenging. I will be using green white oak for ribs. there is a sawmill in moseley that says they can do it for me.

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