What’s A Chippoke?

The Old Bay Club gathered for their now traditional James River Fall sail. 11 boats arrived. 8 continued on for the 3 day cruise. Fall colors were in bloom, temps were in the low 70’s, winds varied from none to small craft warnings. Our first night BBQ and oysters were a hit on the beach. Monkey business continued into the night. It was a great time with a fun group.

With several in the group taking “film”, UNA got some screen time. I’ll let our video convey the rest.

Oh, and as for the question, “… Chippokes”? See here.


2 thoughts on “What’s A Chippoke?

  1. Robert Denny


    It looks like a lot of fun, and LUNA figures prominently! You really have the ideal waters for open boats in relatively protected rivers. How nice that you could get such a group together for a fall cruise, and obviously the weather co-operated. I couldn’t help but admire all the nice boats, including LUNA!

    Cheers, Rob

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