UNA Pushes Along

Several years ago, at the Small Reach Regatta in Maine, a friend, John, took this photo. He has recently completed a Vivier Jewel kit and named it Umami. He passed on this image about a month ago. In it, I’m lazing to leeward, backseat driving, as my middle son keeps UNA pressing to weather. I don’t recall the passage we’re slipping through here, but I do remember the day. We had fun giving chase to others in the fleet. Not to brag, but we eventually captured the lead and then turned back to do it all again. Ah, but it wasn’t a race! Just don’t tell UNA that.


3 thoughts on “UNA Pushes Along

  1. Malcolm Meldahl

    Hi, I’ve enjoyed your lyrical Tumblehome videos. They are especially pertinent because I am about halfway through building a Sooty Tern of my own. I thought to ask you about the boomkin. Oughtred’s plans have the mizzen boom sheeted to the top of the rudder. There’s no denying the boomkin adds charm to an already charming design. I’m inclined to put one in. But, have you experienced any downside to that arrangement?
    I’m also puzzling about laying out the interior for boat tent camping. Lying down next to the centerboard trunk seems constricting. I’d prefer to have a wider sprawlable sleeping surface on a plane with the top of the cb trunk.
    My most radical departure from plans is to leave out the fore and aft compartments until I see if I really need them.
    Anyway, there are nuances, which only a fellow Sooty Tern builder can understand in detail.

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